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Are You Awake?

Image by Kounelli via Flickr Have you heard of Dr. Joe Vitale?  If not, let me introduce you. Dr. Vitale is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and one of the stars of the hit movie “The Secret”. I have always enjoyed his writing and speaking style.  When I listen to him speak it is like […]


Sage Advice from James Ray

Image by Davic via Flickr I just got an email from James Ray with ten tips to help you weather the current economic storm.  As I read through them, I thought that these were key bits of advice that we should follow all the time! Here they are: Clearly define what inspires you. There’s a […]


Conversational Hypnosis Seminar

Image by +Maco+ via Flickr   Most people start each New Year with a bunch of good intentions.     Unfortunately most people fail horribly at achieving any of their goals.    Whether it’s to become financially secure, quit bad habits, help others or simply to become more successful and happy.    However it’s not really their fault, because they simply haven’t […]