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The Road Less TraveledMy name is Mark and I started this blog to complement my main site HealingProducts.com, which is a site dedicated to offering you tools to aid in your journey to healing and peace.

I wanted to have a site dedicated to giving you information on how to use your most precious tool, your MIND!

I truly hope that you will take some time to read about meditation and the other alternative healing modalities that are discussed in this blog.

You will be amazed at how simply sitting quietly for 20 minutes a day will open you eyes to a whole new world for you to explore and be joyful in.

What I love about meditation is that you can do it for free; you don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is a desire to discover more about who you really are.

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The Brainwave Manual talks about how your brainwave frequency is directly related to your meditation practice.

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The Road Less Traveled

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