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Time is on Your Side

Image via Wikipedia Do you ever think if you only had more time, then you could accomplish all that you need to do? Me too!  But I soon realized that every day I’m only given 24 hours, no more and no less than every one else. So how could others accomplish so much with the […]


Your Brain and Reality

Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain anatomist who had a stroke and through that experience gained a deeper insight into the how we are not our brain. Further she details in the video the role of the left and right brain and how through our conscious attention we can choose to become more “here and […]


French Buddhist on Happiness

Mattheu Ricard is a French Buddhist monk who gave a captivating talk on happiness. What is happiness…a feeling, not feeling something, a state of being? In this twenty minute video Mattheu gives you a new way to look at your happiness and how you might be able to attain a bit more of it. You […]