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What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

Image via Wikipedia The word ‘spirituality’ has a different meaning for different people. I believe that spirituality is something we carry within ourselves. It is expressed, or “outwardly manifested,” by our sense of self and our sense of respect for others. There is nothing inherently special in being spiritual, being in touch with that higher […]


The One Minute Meditation

Image via Wikipedia Meditation has a number of very important benefits, both to our minds and our bodies.  With all these important benefits, you would think that everyone would meditate every day.  One of the most frequent reasons people give for not engaging in daily meditation sessions is lack of time.  Many people simply are […]


Avoid This Common Meditation Mistake

Image via Wikipedia The point of meditation of course is to achieve the feeling of being centered, and to let go of everyday concerns and issues.  While this concept is certainly easy to understand, putting that theory into practice can be quite difficult to achieve.  How to actually achieve that balance and sense of well-being […]